Center apartment Tan Son Nhat price from 1.9 billion

Happy One – Premier apartment complex possesses a prime location, smart technology application, modern design, is selling for 1.9 billion VND.

The developed economy forms new and unique living trends. Many residents of Ho Chi Minh City are aiming for a green life in smart apartments with synchronous utilities, services and guaranteed security systems. They are not afraid to invest time, money and effort to find a place to live that meets the rigorous standards of living value.

Therefore, many high-end mid-end apartments are located in favorable locations, with reasonable prices and in accordance with the owner’s trendy lifestyle, which are many people choosing, including Happy One – Premier apartments of investor Van Xuan Group. The project is located right on Nguyen Oanh street, only 10 minutes from Tan Son Nhat airport and close to supermarkets, commercial centers, schools, temples …

Apartment project Happy One – Premier.

It is no coincidence that the Happy One – Premier apartment complex has caught the eye of a large number of residents of Ho Chi Minh City and investors from the moment the project’s first information was released to the market. The apartment area pioneers the application of smart technology 4.0 into the operation and management system of the whole area, including brand-new parking. The US “smart home” standard facilities such as Free Wi-Fi covering the whole area, automatic lighting system, controlling electronic devices by smart phone … are available at Happy One – Premier.

In order to bring a trendy living experience to residents, all Happy One – Premier apartments are fully furnished with high-class European furniture instead of basic finishing as usual. Along with classy interior is an ecosystem of 39 optimal utilities, meeting all the living needs of each family member with river view park, overflow swimming pool, tropical lounge 200m wide, waterfall reception hall … Green patches are brought into the project by architects to bring fresh living space to residents.

Living space at Happy One – Premier.

Currently, the investor only launched to the market 219 apartments, including: 210 typical apartments, 3 shophouse and 6 penthouses. The apartments are priced from 1.9 billion VND. The project also applies a flexible payment method and is supported by many banks …

“Customers only have to spend a reasonable amount of money but receive a high-profitable asset, especially in the context of a scarcity of supply of high-priced apartments as today”, the investor said. know.

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